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Tailor-made cleaning services to suit your Cincinnati needs

High-quality commercial cleaning is the best possible way to keep employees happy and send the most positive message about your business overall. From office cleaning through to healthcare solutions and even Covid-19 specific sanitization, 30+ years of experience mean that Mega Solutions Services understand commercial cleanliness better than most. By partnering with us, you can enjoy these benefits alongside tailor-made solutions customized towards your business needs, requirements, and growth at all times.

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Earning your trust

Partner-centric relationships

Mega isn’t just another face in the cleaning crowd, just as you aren’t another customer to add to our list. Instead, our focus on partner-centric relationships means that we always provide personalized cleaning services that work directly alongside you.

Safety focuses

We understand that our Cincinnati clients are concerned about safety right now, which is why we prioritize this in everything we do, first completing background checks on every member of our team, and then ensuring adherence to our Covid-specific cleaning practices and PPE training.

Environmental concern

We love Cincinnati as much as you do, which is why we also approach cleaning with environmental sustainability in mind. Green cleaning products and staff training especially mean that we’re proud to offer non-toxic, sustainable cleaning focuses to align with your company values.

What makes Mega great?

Our end-to-end solutions are great for everyone, and here’s why.

Highly trained staff

You need to trust everyone you let through your business doors, which is why we vet, check, and guarantee highly trained staff across our company.

30+ years of experience have taught us that consistency is key, which is why we consistently offer you highly trained staff that provide the best service possible across Cincinnati, Ohio. Our ‘Mega crew’ of dedicated and hard-working individuals certainly won’t let you down, whether you require emergency services, one-time clean-ups, or a weekly service to keep you going.

Specialized plans

Cleaning is as unique as your company, meaning that tailored solutions are always necessary.

Our customized cleaning services step away from one-size solutions to get to the heart of what your company truly needs. Services that you can take your pick from especially cover a broad range of focuses across all Cincinnati industries, and include –

  • Hard floors/carpets
  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Upholstery
  • Construction cleaning
  • And much more

The “MEGA” Standard

We don’t just clean in Cincinnati, Ohio – we strive to set new standards in cleaning excellence that all of our clients can benefit from.

Delivered across measurable results, our exceptional cleaning standards see us going above and beyond in everything that we do. This why we named ourselves ‘Mega’ in the first place, which you could also consider as –





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Cleaning in Cincinnati, Ohio doesn’t get better than the tailored, partner-led solutions offered by our team here at Mega Solutions Services. Contact us today to find out precisely how we can clean up your company.