Columbus, Ohio Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services

Mega keep commercial cleaning under control

Our hard-working and dedicated team at Mega Solutions Services is on-hand to meet your commercial cleaning needs, whatever those happen to be. With 30+ years of experience across industries, our expert cleaners can certainly offer the tailored solutions that you’ve struggled to find, always delivered in a five-star, partner-centric package that ensures our adaptable solutions are the only cleaning service you’ll ever need.

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Cleaning with a social conscience

Sustainable practices

We align seamlessly with the sustainability goals of our clients by always implementing green cleaning, delivered by sustainability-trained team members, and using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products.

Community cleaning

We don’t just clean for companies in Columbus Ohio, we also pride ourselves on a strong community presence which sees us striving to improve your hometown in more ways than one.

Safety focuses

We use EPA List N-registered products to reduce the risk of infection from Covid 19 or other viruses in your area. Our Covid-19 cleaning processes have especially been proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria to keep Columbus, Ohio safe for everyone.

Mega offer the only cleaning service you’ll need

Our partner-centric, comprehensive cleaning solutions offer a one-stop service that provides everything you need, regardless of why you’re seeking commercial cleaning and janitorial services in the first place.

Wide-reaching industry experience

No matter your industry, we provide tailored solutions that are guaranteed to suit.


30+ years of experience have seen us working across various industries, including healthcare, banking and finance, construction, and everything between.


We apply this wide-reaching industry experience across comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to you to ensure that we’re able to provide the commercial cleaning and janitorial services you need, regardless of what you do or why you require our help.

Expansive services

There is no one-size-fits-all cleaning solution, which is why we offer expansive services that cover all cleaning bases.


Our expansive service offerings mean that we can always ensure the commercial cleaning that you need, delivered across either one-time, recurring, or emergency services.


From the moment you contact us, we’ll especially work to understand what it is that you need, and which of our services, including hardwood/carpet cleaning, windows, commercial cleanups, and more, can deliver that goal.

Two-hour support

Two-hour support times mean we’ll never leave you without an answer.


Our janitorial services adapt with your business so that, even amidst changes, we always provide the ideal cleaning solution.


Communication plays a huge part in that, which is why we offer two-hour response times whenever you need us, ensuring that we’re able to adjust to even sudden changes or emergencies as quickly and efficiently as you require.

Commercial cleaning with Mega

There’s no commercial cleaning problem too big or small for our team here at Mega Solutions Services, and our trusted cleaners are ready and waiting to offer the janitorial services that you’ve been waiting for. Simply get in touch to transform your commercial premises at last.