Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services to Suit in Dayton, Ohio

Mega Solutions Services take care of cleaning so that you don’t need to worry

In an age where cleanliness has quickly become a safety issue, businesses across Dayton Ohio have a responsibility to keep working environments fresh and clean. Here at Mega Service Solutions our vision to provide end-to-end cleaning solutions tailored to your needs ensures that we can help you achieve that within work environments across all Ohio industries.

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Why Ohio companies trust Mega

Eco-friendly focus

Our environmental commitment means that we use only green cleaning techniques and training practices for all of our clients across Dayton, Ohio to ensure not only the safety of you and your clients but also the environment around you.

Solutions for all industries

We provide solutions for a vast array of businesses and industries across Dayton, enabling us to offer reliable and suitable cleaning plans for healthcare providers, educational facilities, construction companies, and beyond.

Community commitments

We don’t just clean in Dayton, we’re also proud to be a large part of the Ohio community, empowering local businesses and citizens however we can by partnering with some amazing local charities.

Mega’s cleaning solutions

Our Dayton, Ohio commercial cleaning and janitorial services are the only cleaning solutions you’ll need, especially thanks to tailored cleaning plans and comprehensive areas of expertise. Our partner-centric focus especially enables us to create lasting relationships and cleaning plans that always adapt with your business to provide the best results possible.

End-to-end cleaning


We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions so that you needn’t look elsewhere again.


Our end-to-end cleaning services ensure that your business is always a sanitary and welcoming place for employees and clients.


Our business-centric approach to delivering the exact solution that you need especially enables us to better adapt our processes to your company priorities and expectations.

Trustworthy values


Values make a huge difference to performance, which is why they’re at the forefront of everything we do.


The opinions of our clients matter to us, which is why we’ve built a strong set of values that every single member of our team operates by.


Whether you need one-off cleaning or regular service, it certainly won’t be long before you realize that, in everything we do, we apply trustworthy values including –

• Integrity   • Loyalty   • Reliability   • Ambition   • Optimism  

5-star reassurance


Our client feedback earns us 5-star ratings across the board, and we can’t wait to learn what you think.


Our clients are our partners, meaning that we always take the time to get their feedback to make improvement possible.


Luckily for us and you, continual 5-star ratings prove that we’re doing everything we possibly can to provide quality cleaning that you can trust.

Mega Solutions Services can supercharge your cleaning

Regardless of your cleaning needs, our 30+ years of experience and ever-adapting solutions ensure that we can easily meet and even exceed your expectations. Simply get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.