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Ohio businesses can count on Mega cleaning

Mega cleaning knows how important a fresh and clean environment is for you and your employees. Whether you want to boost efficiency by removing clutter or keep your space virus-free, our 30+ years of experience enable us to deliver the solutions that you need with exceptional end-to-end cleaning across every corner of your Ohio offices.

Ohio’s Commercial Cleaning Partner

Dayton, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Our ‘SVS Process Keeps Ohio Companies Happy


Our business-specific understanding helps us to provide in-depth cleaning solutions across Ohio healthcare providers, educational facilities, and government locations to name a few, and includes

Inspecting your facility

Understanding your business

Discussing your goals


We ensure value by tailoring unique-to-you cleaning solutions that, take into account each Ohio partnership in its own right by

Building personalized cleaning proposals

Always talking to you

Setting up implementation timetables


Our focus on ever-changing solutions allows us to always implement cleaning solutions that not only meet client demands but exceed them by

Executing cleaning planning

Evaluating / adjusting key cleaning indicators

Always obtaining feedback

Setting a ‘Mega’ standard for Ohio cleaning

Our commitment to stand apart from other commercial cleaning companies across Ohio means that we always strive for ‘Mega’ standards. Our focus on partner-centric cleaning excellence especially sees us offering a wide range of cleaning services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your company, whatever those happen to be.

Partner-centric cleaning

Work With You

To us, you’re a partner, not a client, meaning that we’ll work with you to ensure the swift cleaning solutions you truly need.


As well as ensuring tailor-made cleaning solutions that fit 100% with your company's needs, our partner-centric approach helps to focus on creating more positive experiences for everyone.


Lasting and meaningful relationships especially help us to deliver, ensuring that we work on the ground to help you build a more sustainable and attractive company.

Suitable solutions


No cleaning solution is right for everyone, which is why we develop unique plans for each client, tailored around services that suit.


Whether you require expertly delivered one-time cleaning services or recurring options, our expert team is on hand to deliver.


We even provide emergency services, ensuring that ours is the only number you need when dirt, spills, or other disasters take you by surprise.

Safety first


Covid 19 has seen cleaning go from a hygiene issue to a safety one, which is why we promise to ensure that your workplace is as safe as it possibly can be.


As well as specialized Coronavirus cleaning, we prioritize your safety by ensuring employees with years of experience.


PPE certifications and the use of only products registered with the EPAs List N especially enable us to deliver safe, efficient cleaning services that kill 99.999% of bacteria, mold, and mildew at a molecular level.

Make the right choice with Mega cleaning in Ohio

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