Commercial Street Sweeping Services in Florida

Are you searching for quality commercial street sweeping services in Florida? You’ve come to the right place. First impressions matter when seeing a business for the first time, and it’ll do no good to have trash littering the streets around your store or office block. Mega provides professional road cleaning services and general janitorial services to commercial businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a large office block or a small store, we can create a suitable service for you to get your immediate area cleaned up.

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Contact us today for more information about our flexible commercial street sweeping services.

Contact us today for more information about our flexible commercial street sweeping services.

Street Sweeping You Can Trust

Mega offers 5-star commercial street cleaning services for the whole of Tampa, FL. With access to road sweepers and dedicated street sweeping staff, no job is too big or challenging for our team. But what makes us different from the competition?

Safe and Healthy Community

Improve the overall health and safety of your local community.

Street sweeping ensures that your local community is safe and promotes a healthy environment for everyone. Whether it’s rubbish or hazardous materials left by irresponsible business owners, or even just trash that has been thrown around due to a late-night party, it’s important to keep your local area clean and tidy to make it a more hospitable place for everyone.
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Attract a Wider Audience

Clean streets mean more business for you and your neighbors.

Having clean and spotless streets can mean better business for both you and your neighbors. When people see a lot of trash and debris around your store or commercial location, they’re going to be wary about entering. With help from Mega’s experienced street sweeping teams, we can ensure that the area around your business is kept clean and spotless, helping you attract more customers and giving you a better reputation. Hire only the best street cleaning company to keep your roads clear for a perfect business exterior.
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Long-Term Support

We value long-term business relationships.

Our goal is to provide a long-term street sweeping service to all of our clients. We know that it can be difficult to find a new cleaning service every time you need it, which is why we offer scheduling options and personalized contracts to provide you with long-term support. We understand the value of creating business relationships with every client, and that’s why we put a heavy emphasis on evolving our processes to better suit your needs.
If you’re in need of a long-term street sweeping or commercial cleaning contract, get in touch with us today by calling or texting (866) 501-5001.

The “MEGA” Standard

At Mega, we aim to raise the bar with our flexible janitorial services.


We provide results that you can trust. We’re built on a solid foundation of transparency and security.


From the moment you call us, we strive to provide all clients with an outstanding professional service that reflects our confidence.


We employ trained and reputable teams to help you sweep your streets as efficiently as possible.


We know that every customer has different needs for both streets sweeping and janitorial services. But that’s why we strive to provide long-term support.

So are you looking to clean up the streets around your business to make them more presentable? Let us help today.

So are you looking to clean up the streets around your business to make them more presentable? Let us help today.

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