Cleaning Company with a Purpose

We are a cleaning company that does more than just clean. We believe in strict environmental and community commitments, ensuring we are able to provide a truly sustainable service and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Environmental Commitment

Preserving Human Health & Environmental Quality

GREEN cleaning techniques avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products. Our GREEN Cleaning also describes the way cleaning products are manufactured, packaged and distributed. Our eco-friendly products are environmentally responsible, sustainable and biodegradable. We value the products and technologies that allow us to utilize superior processes in our work, ones that allow us to help our clients manage their business in the most ecologically sound manner possible.

We help our clients pursue their GREEN goals through a number of best practices:
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GREEN Staff Training

We use environmentally friendly and efficient processes and equipment, including Green Seal cleaning products.

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Our arsenal of elevated GREEN cleaning knowledge and efficient tools means that we can cater to clients working towards earning credits for LEED Certification. and we can help clients who simply want to infuse more ecologically sound products and processes into their janitorial programs.

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Top GREEN Training

We train our people to be aware of USGBC and LEED Certification requirements and we stay on top of the latest innovations in GREEN cleaning solutions to provide our clients with the highest quality, renewable-resource paper products and more.

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Proud to Be GREEN

We are immensely proud that our commitment to empowering our employees and our standard practice of using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners and products, earned us an honor in 2014: The Sustainable Business of The Year Award. presented by The Sustainable Business Coalition, The Sustany Foundation, in concert with The University of Tampa Center for Ethics.

Our Community Commitment

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The Importance

We are very proud to have been part of the local community for over thirty years and we strive to give back and help businesses and citizens in the local area as much as possible. We aim to empower the community and our employees to support and grow together.

Our Honor

We are honored to partner with and support these amazing charitable and educational causes in our community:

  • BrightFutures Atlanta
  • Children’s Cancer Center
  • United Way
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School
  • Charity Polo Classic
  • Pediatric Cancer Foundation
  • Berkeley Preparatory School